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Clothing Obsessed Company
Wholesale Women's Clothing Store

Welcome to C.O.C.

Clothing Obsessed Company
Showroom: 536 E. 11th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Customer Service:
T: (213) 749-6149 
F: (213) 747-8707


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About Us: C.O.C Inc. dba Clothing Obsessed Company Inc was founded in 1989 in Downtown Los Angeles. For more than 2 decades, we have provided plus size apparel worldwide. Our key to success is to be able to accommodate all types of customers. From the chain stores with over 600 retail locations to small boutique shops out in the suburbs, we study the location and your target customers to provide you with the best possible styles. We understand that some styles do great in New York, while the same style will not even be looked at in Miami. Our communication with our clients, our feedbacks from our customers allow us to be right in the shoes of a retail store. We continuously invest efforts to update our designs to satisfy our core customers.

Our Job: We are a Manufacturer and Importer. There¿s nothing that we can't make here or import from China. We have a handful of designers that love to design and take on the challenge. We also understand the economy is not at its best. Consumers are becoming more price aware of the products that they purchase. This is why we erase all the middle man prices so that you can carry the quality merchandise in your stores, with the lowest possible price point.
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Fashion for the LA Showroom

Our Goals: Although our line is plus size apparel, we are looking to carry Junior and Junior Plus in our line in the near future. After all we are Clothing Obsessed Company. We are obsessed with all types of clothing. Our goal is to have a full line of lady and women's wear.

Our versatility sets us apart among plus size wholesale apparel producers. Because we can easily adapt to the unique needs of our clients and customers, we are able to bring them what they want when they want it -- at the most affordable prices possible. We know we need to quickly and effectively respond to the latest demands in the LA fashion district and throughout the country, and we have carefully honed our ability to deliver the fashions that get the attention in the LA showroom.